Sunrise Adams Quick Facts

Has Sunrise Adams ever performed on camera sexually with her aunt?

No, she has not. Actually in most states it is illegal for two known blood relatives to perform together sexually and as such Sunrise Adams has not performed together on camera in a sexual way with her aunt.

Sunrise Adams has been in a lot of movies, but what is her best one?

If you ask 10 different people that you’ll no doubt get 10 different answers to the question. People like different things about porn and about their Sunrise. Probably the best selling Sunrise Adams movies are Where The Boys Aren’t 16, Where The Boys Aren’t 17, and Debbie Does Dallas : The Revenge … but Portrait of Sunrise is also another fan favorite, garnering several raves in reviews.

Is Sunrise Adams retired?

Yes. After inking a 10 year deal to do movies for Vivid, she decided to back off and inside take some time off. Sunrise once said she plans to retire from performing on camera when she is exactly 31 years old so that means we can look forward to seeing Sunrise Adams make new movies until 2013. In the end however she didn’t make it past 2008, before quietly going into hiatus.

I have a friend who told me that Sunrise Adams quit the porn business and works as a loan officer in Texas, is this true?

This was true, but no longer as Sunrise Adams then went back at work in Adult. Here is what Sunrise had to say about her time away …. “I was in a relationship at the time with someone who told me I needed to be a normal person. Obviously, I’m not a normal person either way. I quit and moved back to Texas to be closer to my family; during that time, I became a loan officer and worked in real estate for two years. I proved I was smart enough to do it, teaching myself at home and passing my test for the first time in California, Miami and Texas. I really enjoyed it, but sitting behind a desk and worrying about everybody else’s problems was a lot for a young person to deal with…I was tired of the stress and worrying about everybody else’s problems. I missed the old me.

If Sunrise Adams was on a 2 year break, how did she continue to have all those new movies come out?

That’s a very good question with a very simple answer and that is, that once a movie is in the can or completed with filming it goes into what is called post production. This is where they edit the film, create movie trailers, posters and box covers … that kind of thing. This post production phase can take anywhere from a few months to up to 2 years. In the adult industry most smaller companies go from filming to release in a few months but the bigger budget films are typically in post production on average of 1 year but again it’s not unusual to have a movie to be in post production for up to 2 years and that is why you see some Sunrise Adams movies being released during the time she was away.